The history of the Garden Villa

Today's villa stands on the former garden plots “Lazarovska”, the municipality in 1600 bought from Jakub Menšík of Menštejn. At that time the garden was divided into four building lots.

On the plots were built garden houses and plots were gradually purchased by the Jesuit Order. The original owners were for example painter Bartholomew Sprangler, royal apothecary Martin Šerchl or postmaster of the Kingdom Czech Ferdinand Prugker of Gruneburghu. Everything took place in the years 1601-1647.

In 1653 was built on 4 plots units a garden house used for a recreation. The house was called the 'Garden of Lords Jesuit "and indicates that the place belonged to a requiem ritual.

In 1911 was Villa connected to the Trust assets of the earls Chodek.





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