The Alchymist Nosticova Palace in Prague takes its inspiration from the period of Emperor Rudolf II. 16th centuryPrague was a center of alchemy, mystical learning and art; the court of Rudolf II teemed with alchemists seeking to turn base metal into gold and art dealers trying to enrich the already extensive collections of the Emperor. 

This devotion to history and art is more than evident in this boutique, Prague hotel. The 16 suites of this five star hotel are all furnished with valuable antiques and works of art, but what makes them truly unique is the fact that each of the rooms is named after a historical figure.  Starting with Rudolf II, Tycho de Brahe and Arcimboldo on the first floor, the suites continue their individualism with, amongst others, Josef II and Mozart on the second floor, Karlštejn and Blanche of Valois on the third floor and the culmination of the Hradčany Imperial Suite on the fourth floor.





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