Alchymist mezze plate with hommous, tabouleh, fatouche, sambousek and marinated olives served with pita bread
350 CZK

Terrine of duck foie gras served with mango chutney and home made toasted brioche
450 CZK

Tuna Carpaccio with pink pepper emulsion
350 CZK

Goat cheese with a walnut crust au gratin
350 CZK

Caprese salad with Buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil
250 CZK

Fresh cut garden vegetable crudité arranged around Chef's special dip selection
250 CZK



Trio of chilled summertime soups (Traditional Gazpacho, Cucumber with mint and Corn with shrimp)
190 CZK

Soup of the day
150 CZK



Alchymist special risotto with taleggio and chicory
350 CZK

Tagliatelle with home made tomato sauce, basil leafs and freshly grated parmesan cheese
250 CZK

Home made ravioli stuffed with Sicilian pesto made of sun dried tomatoes and Ricotta served with sage butter
350 CZK



Sesame crusted tuna on a pepper sauce with sautéed potatoes
450 CZK

Duck Magret tossed with thyme flowers with carrot and apricot purée and light Madiran juice
450 CZK

Filet mignons of pork with Dijon mustard sauce with mashed potatoes
450 CZK

Maroccan Tajine with lamb, olives, apples, apricots, raisins, prunes and vegetables served in a traditional tajine pot 
with Bedouin couscous
450 CZK



Fillet of organic Czech farm chicken

Pork neck with bone

Alchymist beef burger with vegetables, cheese and egg

Fresh fish of the day

Grilled marinated vegetables

Corn on the cob

All our grilled specialities are served with assorted cold sauces and baked potato or vegetable salad

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